Summer workshop in Galway, Ireland

I’ve always wanted to sketch in Ireland, so I’m thrilled to announce a new workshop from July 14-16, 2016. I’ll be joining my Montreal sketching partner Marc Taro Holmes and Irish correspondent Roísín Curé for three days of sketching in Roísín’s hometown of Galway, Ireland.

You’ll enjoy two demos per day – seeing firsthand how we plan and execute a sketch on location. We’ll demonstrate classic urban sketching skills such as: how to see compositions in the field, sketching with pen and ink, tinting your sketches with watercolor, and even painting directly with color.

You’ll spend one full day with each of the three instructors. We’ll visit a different drawing location for each morning and afternoon. Every demo will be followed by a chance to apply what you’ve seen on your own sketches — with plenty of feedback from the instructors.

Join us and your fellow students for a meet-and-greet Wednesday evening before classes begin, then again each evening for a sketchbook show-and-tell, sharing everyone’s work from the day.

If you’re interested, all the registration info is on Marc’s workshop page. Hope to see you in Ireland!

Galway Galwaypanorama

6 Comments on “Summer workshop in Galway, Ireland”

  1. Gahhhh ~ my 2 fave cities in the world, MTL & GAL, collaborating! If it were just months earlier, you’d have been so close by! I was living outside Galway City in Connemara for a couple of years ~ the light in Connemara, as I’m sure you know, is some of the best on the planet.. hope to be back there soon. Sooo thrilled for you with this workshop! Have you spent time there before? Would be *more* than pleased to share with you some magical nooks in the area, if you’re interested 🙂 I’ll email you.. All the best ~ & who knows, maybe I’ll be back there by July!! Xox


  2. Isszzy says:

    This is so very tempting! I have always wanted to travel to Ireland and now you even offer a summer workshop there. I am not sure I will be able to resist!


  3. Louise says:

    I recently read some essays on the importance of seizing opportunity. Hmmm…….


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