Winter’s palette

Winter requires a limited palette. I don’t usually carry Raw and Burnt Umber in my kit, but added a bit today to paint the tree scene in the cemetery. Even though you had to look hard to see colour in the cloudy landscape this morning, when the sun came out everything changed. The contrast in values between the trees and the snow became sharp, and suddenly there was movement and direction. Today was also a good day to use the Indanthrene Blue that sits in a corner of my palette. Mixed with the Burnt Umber and some Alizarin it makes a great dark for the trunks and branches. Painted on Arches Rough Paper, 10″ x 14″.


51 Comments on “Winter’s palette”

  1. Carole Hillman says:

    “Winter’s palette” is really beautiful, Shari! Thanks so much for posting these; they’re a great inspiration. Carole


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    My usual words for your paintings –love this. It is lovely. Your snow scenes make me feel as if I were there–even feel the chill. Admire how well you use rough paper which I do not.


  3. Wonderful snow scene…love those shadows on the snow!


  4. This is a painting not just a sketch, Wonderful


  5. You captured that contrast and movement so artfully – gorgeous!


  6. Billie Barton (ClermontPB) says:

    You just keep inspiring me! Thank you so much for sharing your talents so freely. ( and I have taken a couple of your classes and they have been great!!!)


  7. Bernadette says:



  8. Dee Ludwig says:

    Nice! Really nice!!!!


  9. So gorgeous!! I love the way you paint winter, Shari!! 😍 (And thanks so much for sharing your mixes!)


  10. Love the shadows on the snow! Very realistic.


  11. SusanA says:

    You do the best snow, Shari. And I love the PB60.


  12. Louise says:

    So good with light and snow Shari! Woooow!


  13. Hi Shari. Great piece. Have a happy new year!


  14. Alison says:

    WOW! Great brushwork and texture.


  15. timdada says:

    Wow! Amazing how you you do this. It looks like a photograph.




  16. Linda Murray says:

    This is just gorgeous! I feel like I am there! Thank you, Shari- Happy New Year!!


  17. Gaelle1947 says:

    Just had to add my WOW to all the others! While the rest of the world rushes by, you make time stop, literally “freeze-framing” a moment for all to savor!


  18. Wow! the blue hue to the shadows on the floor and on the trees is perfect … lovely


  19. Jane Wright says:

    Gorgeous, love the sense of mystery in the composition


  20. Birte says:

    This is so beautiful, love the contrast.


  21. Jane Hannah says:

    Love this Shari -))) Have a wonderful start to the New Year!


  22. Ellen Allyn says:

    That was meant to be sooo lovely… changed by spellcheck!!!


  23. ChesapkLady says:

    Shari, I thought I’d left a note yesterday, raving about your mastery of achieving the DEPTH in a scene. Although I don’t see it here, I still will add this comment. THIS painting cries out for a YouTube Video. With the variety of brushwork you’ve done here, I would KILL. . . (well, okay, let’s temper that a bit. . . ) I would LOVE to “see it” in action. spick-spick-spick, SPLURT-ROLLLLLL-SPLURT. . . and more. Oh my. This is iconic Shari Blaukopf. You make it look easy, and it isn’t. WOW!


  24. Judy Sopher says:

    I’m hoping Shari eventually will have time for another Craftsy course.


  25. Frida says:

    Love the purple!


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