Join me for a sketching workshop in Provence in 2018

It’s a snowy day in Montreal which naturally lends itself to thoughts of warmer places. Even though it seems like a long time away, I am already planning workshops for summer of 2018, including this first one that I am announcing in Provence, France. Yes, I know it’s a year and a half in advance, but it’s never too early to plan a trip like this.
I am thrilled to be teaching a week-long workshop in Provence from June 24-July 1, 2018. French Escapade is a company that offers plein-air painting holidays in Europe. They are a small tour company that handles everything (accommodations, transportation to locations, gourmet meals, etc.) so all we have to do it paint and have a great time. And what could be better than Provence at the end of June when the lavender is in bloom?
This will be a small group (maximum 12 students) and all the details about the workshop, the spectacular locations and the accommodations are on the French Escapade website:
Check out the testimonials too!

The best thing about our itinerary for travel sketching in Provence is the sheer breadth of subjects to choose from — that, and the near-magical light and colour of this unique part of the world. As well as painting in our central location of St. Remy de Provence, we’ll be taking day trips to Roussillon, Gordes, Isle sur la Sorgue and more.


In our week together I’ll teach you techniques for capturing the close-up and colourful in villages and towns, as well as the distant and scenic in French landscapes. We’ll sketch iconic market scenes, fields of lavender in bloom, hillside towns and panoramas. In true travel sketching tradition, we’ll pack light — carrying a small bag for art materials and a folding stool. We’ll focus on having fun while we sketch, recording as much as we can as we move from café to hilltop. The aim is to have you return home with a fat book filled with fresh and colourful sketches.

If you want to know more, send me an email here.


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12 Comments on “Join me for a sketching workshop in Provence in 2018”

  1. Tracey Mardon says:

    You’ll have such a good time! We biked in Provence last fall (self-guided with Randonnee) and stayed in Gordes and Iles Sur le Sorgue two days each. We had two fantastic meals at Le Loupe Blanc in Gordes. It’s a wonderful part of France that’s for sure! Tracey


    • Thanks for that info Tracey. I will have to write that down somewhere so I can eat there. I think we have a few free evenings with no dinners planned. I was in Provence many years ago and loved it! I cycled too but it was very informal. Great to hear from you.


  2. Danielle Fortin says:

    Bonsoir Shari, je suis très intéressée par le workshop en Provence. Est-ce que ce stage s’adresse à des débutants ou des aquarellistes avancés? J’ai déjà suivi quelques cours mais j’ai peu d’expérience
    Je lis votre blog à tous les jours et j’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.
    Je parle peu anglais

    Au plaisir d’avoir de vos nouvelles

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bonjour Danielle. Ce stage est pour débutants et intermédiaires, pour vous donner confiance de sketcher en publique, etc. Ce n’est pas pour les artistes avancés, mais je souhaite avoir des participants avec un peu d’experience en dessin et aquarelle. Evidement je peut enseigner dans les deux langues! Est-ce que vous avez lu les infos sur le site web de French Escapades? Il y a plein d’information sur le workshop. Si vous avez plus de questions vous pouvez toujours me contacter par courriel: sblaukopf (@) gmail (dot) com.


  3. Just came across your blog… your work is gorgeous! Will be back to browse more… 🙂


  4. Rooi says:

    My favorite teacher, my little Asian made heart was racing at super speed reading this. Giving the emotional me I just want to reserve a spot.. being a Chinese me I was pull back into planning. I do so so so so hope to see you there… pray for me


  5. TonyU says:

    Delighted to hear (particularly after all you’ve been through recently) that you’re going to be retracing some old footsteps (and bicycle journeys I think?) and sketching in such wonderful locations. We were lucky enough to be there a couple of years ago and looking back at my sketches reminds me just how special it was. And 18 months gives you all the more time to look forward to it!


    • I am delighted too, Tony. When I finished university I spent a summer in France and Italy, and that included taking a six week art class in Avignon. My place of residence was a convent, so the weekdays were rather quiet, but on weekends, along with two friends, I would throw my bike on the train and we would explore the area. Nimes, Arles, Montpelier, La Camargue, Mont Ventoux…. we explored it all. I am so thrilled to be going back to this very special place.


  6. Louise says:

    A dream trip! My piggy bank is a little lean at the moment. I will work on fattening it up.


  7. rosjenke says:

    How fabulous. Painting in France, what a dream. Your fame is worldwide 😊


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