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Ok, I think this one is out of my system now. A few days ago I painted a sunrise view of my neighbourhood, then I painted the same scene later in the morning, and I’ve been waiting to have a bit of time to paint a larger view of it. I’m not that keen on half-sheet format — 15″ x 22″ is a little to wide for most of what I want to do and full sheets are sometimes just too big — so I’m trying out a 16″ x 20″ format of Arches CP paper today.

I painted this one wet-in-wet, meaning that I saturated both side of the paper and then rolled it with a towel to remove the surface water. This gives me a sheet that remains damp for a long time and allows me to go back into the washes to add layers of colour. My palette choices were quite limited for this — lots of Verditer Blue, Cerulean Chromium, Indigo and of course some yellow and red for the sky. Ok, now on to other things.





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  1. wrightottawa says:

    wow, fabulous depth of field


    • Thanks John. The colour is not that great on this because it’s too big to scan. I always find that when I take photos the paintings are a little bit flatter, but it’s as good as I could get.


  2. Lise says:

    great result, I like it so much … it looks cold and slippery …have you made a draw before … or you have painted directly on your sheet damp with your brush .. Thanks a lot …


    • Bonjour Lise,
      If it looks slippery it’s because I was inspired by the icy day in Montreal. For this one, I did draw a few pencil lines first, but when you wet the paper on both sides and then dry it, most of the pencil lines disappear.


  3. Chris kopet says:

    Beautiful! Moody and lovely harmonies


  4. Soni McFarland says:

    Fabulous, Shari – makes me shiver !! & makes me want to run out & try one like this too. Thank you. So good as always getting the story of how & what.


  5. Such beautiful light… and I love the detail in the depths of the dark areas. It looks a bit like this here on the west coast and we’re in for yet another storm tonight! Weird weather for us….


  6. I love to look at this, I can imagine how much lovelier, icy and chilled it looks in person!! The red tail lights… how did you reserve the space, and how dry was your paper when you added them? So interesting when four tiny counterpoints of colour set off a whole painting!


    • Hi Sheryl,
      Good question about the red. I waited until the paper was very dry, then I stuck my brush right into the tube of Cadmium Red. I don’t have that on my palette but I wanted a really opaque red so I used it straight from the tube. The same is true for the dot of Naples Yellow on the right. It’s also straight from the tube. I didn’t leave a white area for those little spots of colour. Because the pigments are so opaque and used full strength they were able to cover the blue underneath.

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  7. karim waked says:

    That light is gorgeous lovely Shari!


    ***Karimobile 514 9944433


  8. Louise Boyer says:

    Wow again Shari!!!
    The mood, the so natural trees in the back…love the brush work.
    You are so good with winter scenes..No choice on learning about that when you live here right?
    The winters are sooooo long, ( I live an hour from Montreal, in the Eastern Townships)… might as well paint the snow…and the ice…


  9. Bernadette says:

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. What else can I add to the many comments of those who admire the work of your hand!


  10. Liliane Partikian says:

    It certainly is a reflection of our morning can really feel the icy road with the small specks of the white of the paper that you left untouched…..beautiful.


  11. Theresa Lee says:

    This painting is superb ! You have really captured the moment …so lovely 😊


  12. timdada says:

    Unreal, how you do this is amazing.




  13. Beautiful painting, we don’t usually get weather like this on the West Coast, but this year I think we are getting more snow than you, have to start painting snow scenes now.
    Love your sketching blogs
    Margaret Vancouver


    • Thanks so much Margaret. Yes, I have been seeing those big west coast snow falls on the news. Our storms mostly end up as freezing rain so for once I think you are having more snow than us. Weird weather, for sure.


  14. Dear Shari, you make a simple snow scene looks so gorgeous! And when you decribe your process it is even more delectable. thank you, you are a continuous source of inspiration!


  15. My sentiments exactly! THanks.


  16. Phil Eversman DDS says:

    I’m not sure what you meant by “rolled it with a towel”.


  17. Anieta McCracken says:

    Awesome, and thanks for the “how you did it”, too. Good technique ideas to try on another project


  18. maricelacorral says:

    I love your art! What a beautiful piece!


  19. joantav says:

    Another stunner!!! Your sky color and the granulating blues in the snow shadows are just great. Thanks for describing how you did this. We had a lot of snow today, but I don’t have a good view like you do. Hopefully tomorrow I can get out and paint a view.


  20. prior.. says:

    I really love this!


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