#OneWeek100People2017: Day Five

Day Five of #OneWeek100People2017: it’s done!

What an adventure this has been. An exhausting one, but exciting and gratifying too. Thanks to Marc Holmes and Liz Steel who launched this insane challenge and congrats to everyone who participated, whether you drew one person, one hundred, or something in between.

For me the challenge has helped in many ways. It has given me the confidence to introduce myself to people, ask them if I can draw their portraits and even learn a little something about them. It has also helped me develop an ease with figure drawing that I didn’t have before. If someone walks off while I am halfway through a drawing, I am quite sure I can complete the sketch without the model. I’m only part way through my 10,000 hours of portrait sketching, but it’s been such a fun start.

Today I tried to focus my first ten sketches on the multi-cultural population of my school. I met Kadeasha, a psychology student; Samuel who studies International Business and is off to China for the summer and Ashley who was such a diligent student she continued to study while I drew her. I also had a long chat with friends Helen and Katerina who study Animal Health. The last ten sketches were done at McDonald’s where I have to admit I was slumped in my seat from fatigue but determined to finish. I’m happy I have spring break next week so I can recover from this epic adventure.


26 Comments on “#OneWeek100People2017: Day Five”

  1. Jean-Pierre Riel says:

    Bravo Shari. Tu as fait un travail vraiment impressionnant avec comme seul outil un pinceau!


  2. Marie-Josée Bernard says:

    Shari, je te l’avoue, tu es mon idole! Ta ténacité et ton engagement sont impressionnants et ont surement forgé ton immense talent. Merci d’avoir partagé tes dessins et tes réflexions. Ton travail est très inspirant.
    J’ai réussi à compléter une vingtaine de dessins cette semaine. C’était la première fois que je dessinais les gens de mon entourage “live” et non pas des modèles. L’expérience m’a appris qu’il n’y a rien de tel que de capter les gens sur le vif.
    Continue de partager tes oeuvres, Shari! Tu saisis les lieux et les gens comme nulle autre!


    • Un gros Merci, Marie-Josee! Je suis contente d’apprendre que vous avez reussi a dessiner des gens aussi! I will continue in English because my iPad keeps changing my French words to English. Isn’t it amazing to draw from life? So glad you tried it.


  3. Lynn says:

    WOW Shari – you started great and are now the best. My mother used to tell me as a child:

    Good, better, best
    Let it never rest
    Till your good is better
    and your better is BEST!

    And you are. I have enjoyed your entries and just wonderful brush drawings so much this week. Thank you.


  4. Liliane Partikian says:

    Congratulations, that was really amazing what you did just using the brush!
    Enjoy your time off


  5. Ok, guess this is it for now?.. I always enjoy your sketches but rarely respond. But since I’ve been sending my reactions to your fun sketches so far, thought I’d finish it.
    Your friends Helen and Ketrina really shine. #97 is plain crazy, love it!
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Alison says:

    Absolutely superb Shari. Following you this week has been captivating. Congratulations!


  7. Lovely, I like to do the same thing myself but don’t get much chance as my life is pretty solitary. When I do I use aither ballpoint, pencil or even non waterproof ink pens as you can wet it a little while still fresh and get a lovely random shading effect, have you tried that? Can I ask you what you use, I’d like to try it?


    • Hi Christine. For these sketches I used only one brush and Paynes Grey watercolour in a half pan. No pen or pencil. When I have water soluble pens I like to use that too for quick shading. Have you tried water soluble graphite? It’s quite nice.


  8. Janine says:

    These are all awesome, as are you. :0)


  9. rosjenke says:

    Thank you again for your posts, all the time you put into scanning and blogging and for being such an inspiration. Every one of these is a gem.


  10. 100 thank yous, Shari. You are the best.


  11. Lindy White says:

    So enjoyed your portraits. You are amazing ! What size brushes did you use ? And was your average time per person around 15 minutes, or less
    I want to work on this quick style. Lindy


    • Hi Lindy. Thanks for writing. For these I used a #2 Da Vinci Casaneo. It’s quite fine so perfect for small details but it also holds a lot a water if you want to cover a large area. As for time, I would say between 5 and 15 minutes.


  12. Suzanne says:

    Your Day 1 impressed me, and then your sketches just kept getting better. Wow! Thank you for taking us along with you Shari! Through your sketches, your experiences and tips that you share. You could not have made any clearer that practice will make you better.

    About how much time did you spend per sketch on Day 1 and then on Day 5? In case I try this one day. Would you buy a coffee or something and did you sit at the same spot throughout your session? Was your sketchbook flat on the table or on a surface leaning on your thighs?

    I wish someone with your talent would have sketched you for us this past week.😊


  13. karim waked says:

    If I may.. I encourage you to go for portraiture on a large scale you have the skills we all know
    too well but most astonishingly you’re able to capture the personalities and the souls of your your characters in a stunning way.
    Just sayin’

    514 9944433


  14. Mayela Lameda-Lyver says:

    Congrats Shari. I can definitely see the improvement of your drawings over the course of the challenge. It’s true what they say, practice make perfect and your sketching skills are just that PERFECT! Thanks for sharing your sketchbook with us.


  15. Julana says:

    It is amazing to see how much progress you jade on such a short time!


  16. Wanderlust says:

    your sketchbook is just amazing. I can see any of your portraits for hours and hours and still admiring your job. Congratulation.


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