Crosby’s shrimp boats

What can I say? It was a joy to see the rain move out, to paint in colour after over 100 sketches using grey paint, to draw the shapes of boats, to gaze across a wide open sky, to see the flicker of light and shadow, and to be blinded by the glint of sun on water.  A real spring delight. 

33 Comments on “Crosby’s shrimp boats”

  1. loisajay says:

    The ‘framing’ is gorgeous. This painting is like a breath of fresh air, Shari.


  2. James Hancock says:

    Beautiful painting Shari, I love your style and have a question
    What type of pen or pencil do you use to sketch the basic outline?
    James Hancock


    • Hi James, Thanks so much for writing. I use a mechanical pencil, B lead. It just soft enough and doesn’t smudge too much. If I use a regular pencil I end up getting my paper dirty with smudge marks before I even take out the paintbrushes.


  3. Soni McFarland says:

    Shrimp boats are a’comin’, they’re comin’ tonight ….. Good job & happy for you basking & painting in sunshine


  4. Theresa Lee says:

    Love ❤️ your painting of the shrimp boats ….the sky is awesome !


  5. Theresa Lee says:

    What do you think you came away with after doing the 100 people paintings ? Did it help you in some way ?


  6. John Hopkirk says:

    Your Watercolour is as fresh and spring like as the season you are portraying. We in New Zealand are experiencing the first touches of autumn. I’m enjoying all your work and would love to know your colours as they always look fresh and clean.


    • Hi John. Thanks so much for writing. For this I didn’t use a limited palette so there’s probably a bit of everything in this. I always use lots of cerulean blue, burnt sienna, yellow ochre and then supplement with dabs of this and that. A bit of red added to the blue for the undersides of clouds, etc. Enjoy your NZ autumn.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Lovely painting. And thought. We are in the middle of a snowstorm and your description of spring is welcome.


  8. This watercolour of your calls for Spring! Here, in Lisbon – Portugal, we don’t feel and don’t have such long grey days. And when we have everyone talks and complains. Most of the Winter, we always have some blue sky, even, as was the case this Winter with some cold. ( I don’t say how much cold, because for you certainly it would be a nice weather. And it was ^___^.


    • I think no matter where we live we all find something about the weather to complain about. It is often what unites us. In Montreal we complain both about our cold winters and our hot and humid summers. No one ever complains about autumn because it is usually the most beautiful time of year. Thanks for writing!


  9. Monique says:

    Enjoy..storm warnings still in much snow….Love the colors!


  10. Bernadette says:

    Your depiction in paint and prose is lovely. You are gifted in both brushwork and words.
    I appreciate you and thank you for sharing.


  11. lindywhitton says:

    absolutely love the freshness of this!


  12. Linda Murray says:

    So lovely. The colors are perfect!!


  13. Mike Hughes says:

    Really nicely done. I work around the corner from this spot and have drawn and painted it many times as have many Charleston’s artists. I really like your composition and the way you simplified what can be a pretty complicated scene. I hope you enjoy your trip. It is usually much, much warmer this time of year here.


    • Hi Mike. You live in a great place. I’ve really been enjoying Charleston. I went back to Crosbys and painted again yesterday at high tide when the boats were higher in the water but I’ll post that when I get home so I can scan the painting. Great fish from there too!


  14. joantav says:

    It must feel great to be out in the sunshine, near the water! This is really lovely. Nice job on the shrimp boat!


  15. Connie Renaud says:

    I love it. The grass makes one feel that spring-summer is in the air.


  16. wrightottawa says:

    nice frame
    rock on


  17. Love this painting shot and the way its shot on the rocks. So beautiful.


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