Join us at the New York Botanical Gardens

In preparation for painting this year at the Plein Air Invitational at the New York Botanical Gardens, Marc Holmes and I spent the day at our local Jardin Botanique in Montreal. It was a perfect day for some plein air painting — just the right temperature and no wind — so we started in the perennial garden where the tulips were just starting to fade. It was a good warmup for painting in New York, where the featured event will be Chihuly in the Garden. If you are visiting the gardens on Sunday, June 11, drop by to say hello. Over 20 painters will be spread out all around the site, and I’m not sure where I’ll be, but there’s usually a map at the garden entrance so you can find us. Hope to see you there!TulipsHyacinths.jpg

16 Comments on “Join us at the New York Botanical Gardens”

  1. What a beautiful painting. And another missed opportunity — I’ll be in Maine when you are in NY…otherwise, I would be there for sure.


    • One of these days we will have to meet Jean. It would have been great to see you in New York, but if not this year, then some other time. One of these days I’ll have to come to Maine.


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Yes–a beautiful painting. Wish I could be there. Tied up with doctor appointments. Looking forward to seeing your work when you get back.


  3. Bernadette says:

    Your paintings are so inspiring. I want to get my brushes and paints and head outdoors trying my best to capture spring before it turns to summer. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could catch you in action in NY.


  4. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful Shari! Or is that beautiful, Shari!
    My punctuation is going the route of my memory.

    May I ask, what size is this painting? With all the painting that you do, was this one relaxed, enjoyable, meditative, challenging in any way?

    Thinking back to your process you shared when you painted a recent bouquet, was there a similar process, as in laying some colors in the background and then building up? You blew me away with that bouquet!

    Your warmup is so very good. I hope we will get a peek at your New York plein air paintings. Have fun!!


    • Hi Suzanne,
      thanks for writing. This painting is a quarter sheet of watercolour paper, so 11″ x 15″. This painting was in fact enjoyable and relaxed. As always, when I paint with Marc Holmes, we talk a lot so there was not much meditation. But in some ways that can be good too because you don’t overthink the process. Just paint and hope that it comes out well in the end.
      As for laying in colour, I did use a pale wash of yellow under everything to give an overall warm glow to this. I was happy with the result. At the end, when I got home, I unified the tulip foliage with a glaze of Cerulean blue to cool it all down.
      And of course I will post the New York paintings!


  5. joantav says:

    Lovely plein air “practice.” Hope to see you there again this year. I got a membership so I can go a few times.


  6. Wouod love to attend, but just the idea of that megalopolis is overwhelming. We have quite a bit of Chihuly in the Franklin Park Conservatory here. You will have fun with the palette, that day.


  7. This sounds wonderful. I would love to join you but I will be in New York the following weekend!


  8. Maggie says:

    Beautiful work, great colours. I admire your talent. I have always feared plain air, I would hate to be watched as I mess up a painting…


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