Sound of the pond

The pond next to City Hall in Baie d’Urfé is one of my favourite places to paint. Even though it’s situated fairly close to a busy road and a noisy bus stop, when I paint there I hear nothing of the traffic going by. My brain tunes out everything except the call of the red-winged Blackbirds and the burbling of the water. A little oasis, really. It’s not a huge pond but there’s a little stream that leads from one pool to another, a spot under the trees for my easel, and a fountain in case I run out of painting water. Painted wet-in-wet on Arches paper, 15″ x 11″.


23 Comments on “Sound of the pond”

  1. C.E. Reay says:

    Very beautiful Shari…which reminds me that you didn’t bring the Leaning painting??


  2. SusanA says:

    One of my dreams is to live next to a babbling brook, and when I saw your painting today, I could hear that burbling water and feel that gentle peace. Thank you.


    • Thank you Susan. That is one of my dreams too. I love that sound so much I have a little pond in a bowl in my garden with a pump that circulates the water. It’s the best I can do for now.


  3. Dee Ludwg says:

    Can hear the water from here.


  4. Brilliant!

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  5. Liliane Partikian says:

    Love your painting,especially the leaves on the right hand side,you can really feel the depth.


  6. Beautiful water treatment. Reminds me that I need to watch your Craftsy courses again 🙂


  7. Janine says:

    This one really demonstrates that you are a true virtuoso of the greens!


  8. Hello, love the depth of shadow in contrast to the water, just lovely.


  9. Jeff Gold says:

    This reminds me of early tapestries with a subtle richness of earth tones. The composition is spot on. The diagonal line of running water moves through it and the varied clump of vegetation to the right anchors the foreground to balance with the upper foliage. The dark blue shadows and “calligraphy” bring out the highlighted water above. This is a real gem with a wonderful depth of color and texture.


  10. joantav says:

    Your painting is beautiful and calming. I can see why you like that spot so much.


  11. That’s so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at it 🙂


  12. Robert Cox says:

    Oh, you can DO water. Fabulous. I’m gonna stop looking at your stuff –I mean for today, I’m stopping. I don’t want you to think you’ve a stalker.


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