Wind by the lake

I’m always on the lookout for good watercolour sketchbooks, and this week I’m trying out a new one from Khadi Papers in India. I sketched by a windy Lac St. Louis yesterday, choosing a simple subject so I could test out the paper.

The panoramic format I ordered allows me to work vertically or horizontally. The paper itself is a creamy, off-white 100% cotton rag stock. It took the paint beautifully without warping, stayed wet long enough to add colour to fresh washes, and maintained brightness of pigments. This was just my first impression of the paper, but if you want a fuller review, read Parka’s more detailed pros and cons here. He tested it for six months before posting!

The book itself is a handsome object, mostly because of the thickness of the hardback cover and the handmade quality of the deckle-edged paper. In some ways, that makes me a little more careful as I sketch because I don’t want to mess up any pages. You wouldn’t want to have too many duds in a book this beautiful.



23 Comments on “Wind by the lake”

  1. Ineke says:

    WOW, another amazing sketch!


  2. cbrucewarren says:

    Lovely! where did you get the sketch book? Their web site says no dealership or shipping to Canada


  3. I’m so impressed that you keep getting out sketching in cold, windy weather! Your lovely sketches make it look so appealing. (I think I’m too much of a Californian though!)


  4. Hempmaster77 says:

    Amazing sketch great,confident
    Strokes! Simple and very affective. You say a lot with an economy of brush strokes which avoids overworked sketches. I tend to labor at a fresh clean appearance I know that’s extremely difficult to do consistently especially. I just hope one day I’ll be where your skills are at. Even half as good as you! Truly inspiring and it’s just a sketch. I’m so corny my apologizes.


    • HI, Thanks for all of that. No need to apologize for your comments. I labour with my sketches too, and they are often not successful. But I just keep at it, and hope for the occasional one that I am happy with. Don’t give up!


  5. joantav says:

    I like the landscape format that can be turned vertical. This is lovely!!!! A friend of mine has a Khadi Papers sketchbook and has had some lovely results on the paper. I love the book itself.


  6. M. L. Kappa says:

    I love khadi paper and have been using those sketchbooks for a while (I also buy from Jackson’s). A word of warning – the softback covers can easily lose pages (I think they’re glued, not stitched). But definitely worth it to play on – I think they also do loose sheets for bigger paintings.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Love this-the format and the painting. What are the dimensions? I don’t think I would do well with a sketchbook that I’d be afraid to mess up. I know I’m not alone in this but I go thru stages where I don’t seem not to mess up. Wonder how much of this is a weird state of mind?


    • HI Judy, This one is 5″ x 12″, so a real panoramic format. As for messing up, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s just that when it is in a book you want every page work, but really a sketchbook should be about experimentation so I really shouldn’t think that way.


  8. Christine Belanger says:

    This sketchbook is very interesting. I notice that it comes in both rough and smooth paper. Which surface did you choose?


  9. annmaria says:

    Amazing sketch


  10. Kirk says:

    Again, I like the choice of colors chosen!


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