After weeks of frustrating attempts at rendering the figure in watercolour, I tried out something new at life drawing studio last night: water-soluble coloured pencils. I don’t quite have the hang of it yet — it will take some time to figure out what pencil to use where — but I like the way I can build up the skin tones more gradually. I’m using a set of 12 Caran D’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencils which are quite vibrant and can be used in a variety of ways. For light areas, I drew with the pencil first and then wet the lines with a brush and water. For darker areas, I dipped the tip of the pencil in water and drew with it directly to get a creamier, more solid area of colour. Sketched in a Bee watercolour sketchbook.





20 Comments on “Danielle”

  1. Nilzeitung says:

    when I grind something, pots will always try at water-soluble colors outside because I’m starting to sign,


  2. M. L. Kappa says:

    Ooh, I love the effect. I use those sometimes too, only I have the Prismalo ones


  3. Bernadette says:

    Nice use of watercolor pencils. I like the use of vertical strokes that give rhythm and balance to your work. I have a set of watercolor pencils myself but have yet to use them. You’ve inspired me to try. I bet they will be good to use as as sketch for a more in depth painting. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Kathy Noble says:

    LOVELY, Shari! I love the beautiful skin tones you have gotten with this combination. And the dark values of the chair really make the figure pop. Thank you for sharing this….it’s very enlightening!


  5. Jeff Gold says:

    Love the colors especially the green shadows and what a beautiful composition. This seems like an excellent solution to the watercolor dilemma. Nice contrast of blue in the background against the skin tones. The drawing is wonderful. I really like the feeling of the left arm and hand. Beautiful pose.

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    • Thanks Jeff. She was an incredible model (and a former acrobat) but unfortunately the poses are always quite static because there are many portrait painters in the group. At least her seated pose was interesting, but sometimes I have to move around the room quite a bit to find a good angle.


  6. miatagrrl says:

    Very nice! These are my favorite brand of water-soluble colored pencils….so soft and vibrant. Have you tried touching the tip of the brush directly on the pencil point? it’s an easy way to get intense color for a small area.



  7. joantav says:

    Nice use of the pencils!!! I never thought of using them for figures, but you used them and their properties well.

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  8. Anne Farmer says:

    Lovely treatment. I’ve just turned again to neocolor II watersoluble crayons for starting off paintings, Trying to keep the ‘Sketchy’ look.

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    • I have never tried those but what a great idea as a way to start a painting. I have looked at them but thought they would be too fat to draw with. You are giving me ideas…


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