Provence workshop days three and four: The village of Oppede Le Vieux and market day in L’Ile sur la Sorgue

Between slow wifi and long days it’s been hard to post but here are a few highlights from the past two days. Again, more visuals but few words.

A demo about mixing greys and painting stone in the magnificent hilltop village of Oppede le Vieux…

Market day in L’Ile sur la Sorgue where we had some free time to shop and sketch. I found the produce tables!

And finally a chance to paint a demo of the market scene…

My students produced some amazing work from the shade of the park across the canal.

7 Comments on “Provence workshop days three and four: The village of Oppede Le Vieux and market day in L’Ile sur la Sorgue”

  1. I absolutely loved the first painting. I really liked the earthy colours of the masonry and the play of light and shadow. It also reminds a bit of Greek villages!


  2. TonyU says:

    Thank you for finding the time and a way to keep posting. I could say so much but I’ll settle for ‘stunning sketches that perfectly capture places I remember so well’.


  3. miquelmatas says:

    Lovely painting, but I’ll study your two Craftsy courses better…


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these posts from France. The paintings are wonderful. I love seeing the different sketchbooks-what a variety of work. And thanks for the photo along with the paintings.


  5. monique says:

    Oppède -Le-Vieux..when we got there it was in Oppède le jeune lol..I did not think it was as beautiful as I had hoped.A girl who lived there said..yes this is it..My curiosity kept me inquiring..and we made it..walked all the way up..and many were sketching in that upper town centre.. actually we went yesterday:) Jacques filmed our trip and yesterday was Oppè the movie..
    I have been showing Jacques your work from Provence..A+


  6. The work of everyone is lovely. The trip looks like it was much fun!


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