Between seasons

My easel and I spent a bit of time at the Morgan Arboretum today, watching the chipmunks and waiting for spring. Tiny buds can be seen on the trees but there’s little colour in the landscape — mostly grey branches and decaying leaf mould.

For this kind of day a subtle palette is best. I used lots of opaque colours: Cerulean Blue, Raw Umber and Cadmium Red were the base for my mixes, with a little Transparent Orange thrown in for brightness. Painted on a quarter sheet of Arches 140 lb Rough.

5 Comments on “Between seasons”

  1. The colouring is perfect! Sensitive tones that truly capture the landscape at this time of year. The dry brushstrokes wonderfully capture the crispy crunch of the plants waiting to spring back to life.


  2. joantav says:

    You nailed the landscape colors perfectly!


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