Quick Amsterdam sketches

In a few days I’ll be writing a longer post about the Urban Sketchers Symposium that ended last night. As it has been every year since I’ve been an instructor, it was an exhausting and chaotic three days, with so much collective creativity surrounding me that it will take days to process. In the meantime, while I collect my thoughts (which will probably end up being written down on my plane ride home) here are a few sketches from the past few days: one from an early morning walk on the way to our symposium venue and two from the quay at my workshop location.

16 Comments on “Quick Amsterdam sketches”

  1. Beautiful Sketches Shari! I am sure you had some wonderful time surrounded by all that creativity!


  2. Richard Lee says:

    Gorgeous use of colors.


  3. azergo24 says:

    Hi Shari. Congrats for your sketches In Amsterdam.
    They are delightful as usual. Contraast between light and dark.
    is excellent.
    A fellow Watercolorist, Lily Goldman l


  4. Wonderful water. I love that deep green-blue in the reflections in the second one. And the people under the umbrella in the third one are great.


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    Thanks for sending us your paintings even tho you have been so busy. Always enjoy them.


  6. It is such a short event. I bet you are tired. Thank you for sharing your sketches. I love the boats!


  7. -N- says:

    Looking forward to your posts . . . meanwhile, smashing paintings!


  8. Bill L Cryer says:

    Very nice. I shoulda been more alert. Happen to be in Amsterdam now too, but missed the symposium. Your sketches capture this beautiful (and until yesterday) incredibly HOT city). It was hotter here than my home hellhole, Austin, Texas. Hope to get some sketchbook time today.


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