Oaxaca dusk

Last week in Oaxaca, I filled my sketchbook pages will all kinds of things. Sketches big and small, as well as museum tickets and other memorabilia. I’ve really been enjoying having the space to spread out my sketches in this new Etchr A4 size sketchbook, but painting across the page doesn’t make for very good screen reproductions since the book is so big.

This spread includes a large panorama I did on the rooftop of my hotel at dusk one evening. When I look at it now, the word “fever” comes to mind, for several reasons. First of all because I was knocked out by some sort of virus that day, which was the reason I sketched not too far from home. I also painted feverishly, frantically really, because it was the end of the day and the light was changing quickly. By the time I finished this, I needed a flashlight to see my sketchbook, and I had to stop myself from piling on the paint in the fading light.

I also included a little sketch of a Beetle that was tucked into a covered parking spot. I spotted this while waiting for a bus, and sketched it in the ten minutes before the bus ride to Monte Alban. More about that trip tomorrow.

9 Comments on “Oaxaca dusk”

  1. Sheila Brown says:

    I love the Etchr sketchbooks. I thought they were a bit expensive but worth every cent. Take paint beautifully! Thanks for the recommendation. Sheila


  2. I really like your sketch and the spread on your page. A great view. You seem to be enjoying working in your Etchr sketchbook. I have the hot press version which I really like.


  3. Jean says:

    This panorama view makes me feel that I am on the rooftop with you! Exciting to see palm trees too. Thanks for warming up a cold Winnipeg afternoon for me!


  4. joantav says:

    Nice sense of distance from the town to the hills. Sketching in the evening does get a little frantic at times as you try to speed up to finish before the light disappears. Well done!

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  5. Hello Shari ! I really love this sketch. Fever certainly does not keep you from making great sketches. I have ordered Etchr sketchbooks. They are on their way. Can’t wait to try them. I did tell Etchr that I was ordering following your comments. Thanks ! Diane


  6. […] and incredible watercolour painter, Shari Blaukopf, absolutely loves working on the Etchr CP. See here and […]


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