At the Redpath Museum

Today I had the luxury of getting into downtown Montreal to do some sketching. I was hoping to draw something old or decaying, something distinctly un-suburban. Perhaps some old buildings or urban scenes. I met up with fellow sketcher Marc Taro Holmes for a great day sketching at McGill’s Redpath Museum. And I did manage to find something old to sketch… The Redpath is a beautiful gem of a museum on the McGill campus. It’s filled with collections of minerals, shells, fossils and… dinosaur specimens! Here are a few of my sketches (Gorgosaurus, Triceratops and Dromaeosaurus) and hopefully you will see Marc’s sometime soon at




2 Comments on “At the Redpath Museum”

  1. […] We decided to hit McGill’s Redpath Museum for an afternoon of sketching. Sketch artists socializing is quite a funny thing. We get together for the purpose of ignoring each other for 20 minutes at a time.  Whatever works I guess. Even anti-social art types like to hang out It’s always neat to see the other person’s version of a place. […]


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