Porch of St. Joachim Rectory

Yesterday I learned a lot from sketching with Marc. He spends a long time drawing (and he can really draw!) and a lot less time painting. So today I spent more time looking and trying to get the perspective right. St. Joachim Church is a place I keep going back to because there’s lots of place to park (sketching in the car on these cold days) and everywhere I turn there is something inspiring to draw.

Porch of St. Joachim Rectory

7 Comments on “Porch of St. Joachim Rectory”

  1. May Stern says:

    I like the flow of your paintings. There is an energy that appeals to me. I can feel there is more control and detail in this drawing. I can also see myself sitting on the porch…though in my fantasy the sun is beaming down and it is warm…


  2. Liz Steel says:

    Great to find your work via Marc’s site. Love it!!!
    It is very cool to hang out with him isn’t it!


    • Hi Liz. We had a great time sketching together! He is an incredible artist and it is amazing to watch him draw. Coincidentally we talked about your work too so it’s great to hear from you! I love your sketches.


  3. Beth says:

    Hi Shari, nice to find out about your work, both via Marc’s inspiring site and through a friend in NYC who keeps track of Montreal sketchers. “Lots of time drawing, less painting” seems like good advice, though I like your loose watercolors a lot. Sometimes too much drawing detracts from the spontaneity — but it all depends what effect the artist is after.


    • You’re right about the drawing vs. painting thing. But I find that sometimes you really can’t predict what will turn up on the page that day. Sometimes the paint takes over and sometimes it’s the line… And I am intrigued by a friend who keeps track of Montreal sketchers. Nice to hear from you.


  4. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari,

    you have so much talent! I love your paintings and drawings. Very very nice 😉


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