Some people

Some people are so neat. And prompt. And organized.

We had a big wind storm on Tuesday in Montreal. It blew down a lot of branches and the howling kept me up half the night. Now my backyard is a mess. And it probably will be until spring. But I noticed last night while walking my dog that this fastidious neighbour had picked up all his branches and bundled them soooooo neatly for the garbage collection. A by-the-rules kinda guy.

On another note, I want to mention that the cold won today. It forced me indoors to finish my sketch. I guess my car didn’t have enough time to warm up since I was sitting around the corner from my house. At one point I noticed that my paint was acting kind of weird and then I realized why. There were ice crystals on my brush. And the wash puddles on my palette were frozen. Time to pack up and move inside.

Branches from the storm

10 Comments on “Some people”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari,

    one of these days, it would be nice to let us know “how” one painting a day has changed your life, and why…. if it is not too personal, that it 😉


  2. Ross C says:

    Great painting! I love today’s simple subject… and the way you have painted the bundle of sticks and contrasted it with the green bin. But, I sincerely hope your fastidious, by-the-rules, sooooo neat neighbour isn’t following your blog. Keep painting.


  3. John Wright says:

    This is a great example of composition…a mundane subject, but the garbage can is offset 1/3 to one side and the twigs and shadow lines keep your eye moving around and back to the garbage can. Thanks teacher.


  4. May Stern says:

    Oh the pressures of living in Beaconsfield! My branches are still all over the backyard…
    Too funny that your brush had snow crystals on it…


  5. Love that bundle…. and how you darkened the core of it all to give it girth. So nice! Woo hoo!


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