Chased by nuns

I wasn’t really chased by nuns but I thought I might be. That’s because this windmill is situated on the grounds of Notre-Dame-du-Vieux-Moulin convent and there are “No Parking” signs everywhere. And “No Trespassing” ones in front of the mill itself. I’ve painted this before from a distance but I really wanted to get close today. I did the drawing outside in the cold because my car was facing the wrong way and I didn’t want to break too many rules at the same time (parking where I shouldn’t be and facing the wrong way). So I stood in the cold and I haven’t done that since November. I kept glancing at the convent to see if the nuns were coming to chase me away but no luck. And if you click on the link above to see what the windmill looks like you may notice that I forgot to draw the little window over the red door.

Pointe Claire windmill

6 Comments on “Chased by nuns”

  1. May Stern says:

    Priceless! Catholic guilt and the nuns weren’t even seen. 🙂


  2. Ross C says:

    Such dedication to your art! Standing outside in the cold, ignoring the signs and breaking the law. Interesting that you are happy to ignore the “No Parking” sign but still felt the need to park in the right direction. Anyway, we all know that signs like that don’t apply to artists and, obviously, the nuns didn’t care or were perhaps too smart to venture out in the cold.

    So Shari, don’t let anything stand in your way… the blog is all that matters.

    And thank you for the web link so that we could see the original (which probably didn’t need that window anyway).


  3. drawandshoot says:

    No Nuns “tilting” at the windmill…or you, thank God! A great little story to go with the lovely painting.


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