Against the fence

I went to school a little early today hoping to put in a little time painting before a meeting. I had it in my head to sketch one of the two cemeteries that are on either side of our building. The parking gods were in my favour because I found a spot facing in the right direction with Montreal in the distance. Painting the middle ground was a bit challenging though— the fence, the headstones and a messy tangle of branches growing against the fence.

Headstones against the fence

6 Comments on “Against the fence”

  1. John Wright says:

    you nailed the winter colours – especially the purplelish hue of the trees in the background


  2. Looks great…. you’re using ink in this one?


    • I did use ink on this but I’m not really happy with it. I prefer a finer line but my pen was a bit fat and blobby. I didn’t really realize until it was too late but I had been drawing the day before and I guess the point of the pen got flattened.


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