Saturday morning

This morning I headed out with the intention of doing some sketching in the Ste. Anne de Bellevue winter market. But when I parked my car facing this little house I changed my mind. Given the choice between indoors and outdoors I will always pick outdoors. That’s probably because what I like best about this process is thinking about colour and there’s always more variety outside. In fact, I realized today that as I am driving around I am constantly mixing colours in my head. The fence along the highway was alizarin crimson mixed with a bit of cobalt blue and this morning’s sky definitely had a hint of aureolin yellow near the horizon.

Saturday morning

10 Comments on “Saturday morning”

  1. Hah, wow, can’t wait ’til I start mixing in my head…. sort of like Hendrix sleeping with his guitar, huh? Do you dream of mixing?


  2. May Stern says:

    Love the color names!


  3. John Wright says:

    I like the vertical format – the red mail box really anchors the composition.


  4. Ross C says:

    This is an interesting and a beautifully balanced composition… not easy with such a tall format. Well done, Shari.


  5. Valerie says:

    How do you isolate your whites so well with a quick sketch. I assume you don’t bring frisket along with you, do you?


    • I don’t use frisket. Tried it once years ago and hated it. I just paint around the whites and years of practice makes it more accurate. That and a very good brush.


      • cmchin says:

        Again, congrats on your works: always a treat! And what a brave sketcher you are, with this cold weather! Chapeau and bravo! What are your brushes and which sizes are they? You’re my source of inspiration, I must say….!


  6. Thanks for the great comments!
    The brush I use most often is one I don’t have the name for because it was handed down to me and it has no markings on it. It’s a travel brush and it has a very good point on it. I suspect it is a Daniel Smith one like this:–i-063-380-004 and it’s probably Kolinsky sable. The other brush I use often is a square one like this:–i-657-110-003
    That’s a 1/2 inch synthetic brush and it’s flat. I like that for straight edge painting like architectural elements.
    And the third one that I use is Winsor Newton Series 7 Kolinsky like this:–i-261-470-011
    That is an old favorite that I’ve had for many years but it is still great and holds lots of water.


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