51 minutes 15 seconds

My car radio is a great companion every day when I paint. Today I listened to Glenn Gould play all of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, all 51 minutes and 15 seconds of it. This was some kind of Leap Day treat by the radio host but I’m not really sure why because neither Gould nor Bach were born on February 29.

And although I have listened to this music many times I never realized how much Glenn Gould hummed while he was playing. I kept looking behind me to see who was in the back seat until I realized it was the pianist himself. You can listen to an excerpt here.

In the back of the Pionneer

6 Comments on “51 minutes 15 seconds”

  1. drawandshoot says:

    Really striking Shari, I love all the subtle contrasts on the building walls.
    Gould humming in your back seat would be a treat. =)


  2. Joan Shouldice says:

    You have probably covered this already, but I would love to know what you take with you on your painting trips. You finds ouch beauty in ordinary things. An inspiration.


  3. carrie says:

    A friend here in Portland tipped me off to your blog. I’m an immediate fan!


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