Playing Sudoku

This isn’t New Year’s but if it was I would make a resolution: to paint more people. It’s not something I get a chance to do often but it will be my challenge for 2012. Portraits in watercolour are so difficult and there’s not much chance to fix mistakes once the paint is on the paper. But here it is, the start of my New Year’s resolution.


Playing sudoku

8 Comments on “Playing Sudoku”

  1. drawandshoot says:

    Great portrait, I think you captured the concentration!


  2. Ross C says:

    Very impressive! A person!! And with clothes on!
    That’s a great start to your resolution… hard to imagine what you will doing after you have done 100 of these.
    So, was this difficult/hard/stressful for you? And how long did it take? At least you didn’t have to worry about those pesky No Parking signs which keep appearing in your paintings.


  3. John Wright says:

    From where I stand this is really good Shari. I like the coarse grain of this sketch. Dabs of colour (like the blue in the hair) and high contrast from sun coming through the window and some paint dribbles. In my view, the challenge is not to loose the energy by getting too precise and consequently, stiff.

    And on the tail of ‘drawandshoot’s’ comment about 100 portraits, I would be very interested in your observations on what this daily practice has been as a growth experience.


    • Thanks John. I really appreciate your comments. Keeping it loose is the aim with these. I think I will keep practicing with more people. Have you ever seen the watercolour portraits of Charles Reid? I love the way he works the figure.

      As for my observations on this daily exercise, I have been thinking about that a lot. I have another milestone coming up soon. I’m at 170 posts so I think 200 would be a good time to talk about this experience.


  4. Great job on this one. You can certainly see the Reid influence… love those lost edges and highlights!


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