All verticals

After three days in the house I was really itching to get out to paint. This little project of a sketch a day has become quite an obsession, an addiction almost. And even though I didn’t have much time on my way to school today I did have to stop in my favourite spot in Pointe Claire for a little look up — at the sky, the bell and the beautiful steeple of St. Joachim. It was an immediate cure.


6 Comments on “All verticals”

  1. Great masonry work, Shari!


  2. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari,

    I love what you have said…. I started painting much more during the XMas holidays, and it is true… the way that I looked at things, the way that I looked at colours, it was almost addictive… I could not stop looking — the way that the colours would be playing in the tress, in the woods, everywhere — and I won’t talk about shapes, as this also was most prevalent on my mind. Could not stop, and I felt happy only once I had finished painting, like I had fulfilled something some greater deed or something — huh-huh! I never feel that way about my job ;-))).

    Now I have stopped painting, but can’t wait to restart again with your workshop 😉


    • I’m so glad you understand what I mean Jane. It is true about constantly looking at your surroundings. And you have beautiful surroundings which I will have to paint one day. Still waiting to have the dates for the Montreal workshop but I hope it will be confirmed next week.


  3. Valerie says:

    Not just a cure for you, but for all of us who get to see these gems.


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