Boats, in particular sailboats, are so complex and beautiful to draw.  They aren’t out on the lake yet around Montreal but that will come soon. In the meantime I have been driving along the lakeshore looking for some boats in dry dock. They always seem to be hidden behind fences and swathed in canvas, great hulking shapes waiting to be uncovered. Today I ventured further east and in Dorval I lucked upon a yacht club that was abuzz with activity and I even found a few unwrapped treasures.


6 Comments on “Boomer”

  1. marctaro says:

    Wow – that is a great one! Really bang on sketch and such clean sharp color!


  2. Alison says:

    Love this… I too see these “hulking shapes” in Dorval Shari. Once again you have created a wonderful composition with just the right colours at the right spots. I often squint to try viewing your creations as abstract compositions, ignoring the actual subject matter. It reveals what a master you are at composing within the limits of your page. And what is it with the quality of your pen stroke? To me it feels like every mark on the page, from line to dot of red, is fully animated. Thank you so much for these daily treats.


    • I squint all the time when deciding what to paint. That really helps to eliminate the details and see the big picture. So it’s funny that you squint when looking at my paintings. BTW, this yacht club is not too far from your house Alison.


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