April showers

It is all about the rain today. Heavy, heavy low clouds moving slowly across the sky. And everyone I talked to had a comment about the weather. “When is it going to warm up?” “We need to feel some warmth.” “I just want a day where I can sit outside and look at my garden.” We are all waiting for those May flowers…

April Showers

4 Comments on “April showers”

  1. Valerie says:

    It seems that electrical and telephone wires play a part in many of your compositions. Is there any particular reason for this? Care to comment?

    • Sure, I’d love to comment. I love these questions! These poles are not something I intended to have as a recurring motif in my work when I started sketching for this blog in October. But for some reason I am really attracted to their verticality and the way the wires always seem to cut across a composition in an interesting way, sometimes adding a layer of depth. I am not at all attracted to pretty stuff — I much prefer messy, tangled or industrial objects so I think the poles and wires mess up the scene a bit. For years I painted landscapes and these urban/street scenes are all new to me. I guess eventually this will grow old too but for now they just keep popping up. Hope that helps.

  2. marctaro says:

    That sky is great – you took a grey day, and made some magic there 🙂

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