Storm moving

I tried to sit outside to sketch today but it didn’t work out. I was pretty optimistic as I left my house because the storm system that has been hovering over Montreal for the past few days seemed to be moving out. The sun came out and blue sky appeared in places so I packed my travel stool with the hopes of sitting outside. The sky was very dramatic by the lake — and very turbulent —but I forged ahead, setting up my chair, taking out my paints and sketching this little panorama. But by the time I started adding colour massive black clouds moved in, big drops of rain started hitting my sheet and I had to scurry back to the car, defeated.


10 Comments on “Storm moving”

  1. marctaro says:

    Woooow – tremendous! Love the design. Would make a great wall painting.

  2. Alison says:

    I bit earlier I noticed some sun come out and I wondered to myself, “Where is Shari today? Has she seen that the sun is out? How quickly can she get out and set up to sketch and paint?” Now I have my answer. I love how you captured the colour of the water in weather like this. And the composition gives great character and purpose to the cloud masses.

    • So now you know! I’ve noticed how much the water changes day to day. Sometimes it is deep blue and sometimes murky green, depending on the sky that day. Earlier it was blue but when the black clouds appeared it turned green.

  3. John Wright says:

    I don’t think you were defeated at all. The wet on wet on the right side really looks like rain sheeting from a distance. Wonderful mood Shari.

  4. I’m with Marc, this is nice.

    (I carry all my location sketch supplies in a hiking/outdoors “dry bag” so that when rain comes, I can pack it all up and keep it dry….. though it’s hard to put a wet watercolor sketch in the bag.)

  5. John says:

    Your defeats seem better than many successes displayed on Urban Sketchers…

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