The other side of the hill

I went to Lachine to sketch again and as I was driving along Lakeshore Road I spotted another great uphill view. It was only after I had been drawing for several minutes that I realized that some of the landmarks looked quite familiar. I was on the same street as my sketch of a few days ago but on the opposite side of the hill!

The Other Side

8 Comments on “The other side of the hill”

  1. Ross C says:

    Looks good! But, it had to happen eventually… when you go out painting in Montreal, every day for 200+ days, at some time you were going to run out of subjects. Your solution of looking the other direction is a good one and works well here… the change of format gives this one quite a different feel to “Empty”… perhaps you could have called this one “Not quite as empty”.

    So, why does this part of town look so deserted… where are all the cars? And people?

    • Confession: I painted this one on Sunday morning so it was quite deserted. There were cars but they don’t exactly stop for a long time at the top of the hill. The building on the right is a restaurant with a bizarre combo of food: Italian and Nepalese. I am not sure what those two cultures have in common in the food department.

      • Ross C says:

        That’s interesting… so you were letting all these followers believe that you do a different painting each day when you are actually stockpiling and drip-feeding the blog!!! Which leads to the next question… how long have you been playing this game? And, how big is your stockpile??? : )

      • Yes, in fact I did all of these years ago and kept them in a box. I am only just releasing them now.
        Actually my stockpile was exactly one and now it is used up.

  2. Ross comme tu es très perspicace!

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