This may possibly be the most beautiful week of the year β€” as far as trees go. The buds are really just starting to open, bursting with colours that range from pale greenish-yellow to dark red. In a fortnight the trees will leaf out to an even dark green but for this short period there is a citrine canopy in every direction.


8 Comments on “Avenue”

  1. marctaro says:

    wow, another great design. It’s like graphic design helps painters or something πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Alison says:

    Shari – when do I get to see you and show you the Hockney work? He did a whole “tunnel” series. You have captured a lovely fleeting scene. I like the contrast of the hopeful blue sky and the grey, wet (?) pavement.

    • Soon, soon Alison. Only a few weeks left of school and then I will have time to look at some Hockney. According to you I do lots of things that look like Hockney. The pavement was dry this morning but if you think it looks wet that’s fine with me.

  3. Pam Hennessey says:

    exceptional painting, really draws me in

  4. Gail Mckay says:

    Love your spring work – thanks for sharing!

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