Heritage house

There are so many little historical houses in Pointe Claire Village but you need to be travelling slowly to see them. The Maison Gédéon-Legault, built around 1911, has a plaque on the side wall that you might only notice if you were walking by. It was fitting that the house next to it still had their Christmas lights up, considering that it snowed on and off today.

This was painted with a limited palette of cerulean blue, a bit of cadmium red, and lots of raw sienna and new gamboge for the yellow stucco.

Heritage House

6 Comments on “Heritage house”

  1. Alison says:

    If only this house had eyes to see the wonderful personality your rendition has revealed. I know this is a very silly thought, but what the heck.

  2. These little old houses in Pointe Claire have a lot of personality.

  3. Ross C says:

    This is very clever and effective with such a limited palette… could be a good exercise for the coming workshops. And, I like the way you have painted the light reflecting off the glass in the upper level windows.
    Are you using that new pen that there was so much discussion about a few weeks ago? And, did you find an ink that works for you?

    • I tried using that pen on the weekend but it doesn’t really work for my style of sketching. I forgot how long it takes for the ink to dry… I added colour on top of it and it was a disaster (had to start the sketch again). So I may need to find another ink. I thought bulletproof meant waterproof but it doesn’t. I’ll stick to my Sakura pens when I’m adding wash. I love the Safari pen though!

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