Griffintown train bridge

When I don’t have a lot of time to sketch I end up going to the same place in Pointe Claire — down by the lake near the church. I think I have circled the same block a hundred times looking for things to paint. I haven’t counted how many posts were done on that block but there are most certainly a few dozen. On the weekend when I have a bit more time (and there’s no traffic!) I can head downtown for some new sketch material. This was painted in the south part of Griffintown, looking up towards downtown.

Griffintown Train Bridge

5 Comments on “Griffintown train bridge”

  1. Francine St-Aubin says:

    Hey Shari! I know exactly where that is. You could have dropped in on Matthieu…..he lives in the Lowney building!! Great sketch. Where do you get your sketch pads?

    • That’s so funny Francine. There are so many new buildings in that area and so many cranes too! I get my sketchpads from Amazon. Much cheaper than at the local art store. I use Moleskine Aquarelle, mostly.

  2. Alison says:

    Another great composition. And you have brought together so many urban elements, even the hint at something growing at the base of the overpass. Love it!

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