Raphael 14

After many days working with a pen I’m back to a brush. And what a brush it is. My first stop in New York City was Pearl Paint, the Canal St. mecca for artists. My old Winsor Newton Series 7 sable has really lost its sharp point and I knew what I wanted when I headed into the rabbit warren that is Pearl Paint. Up a few flights of stairs and then down another few steps straight to the brush department and an astute salesperson who obviously knows her sables. I described what I wanted — a fairly large round brush — and she pulled out a few for me to test. A Winsor Newton similar to the one I already had and then this Raphael 14. Made of the finest Kolinsky sable, capable of holding vast amounts of wash and also tapering down to the finest of points. A look of shock came over her face when she scanned the bar code on the brush. It was on sale. At an amazing price. “Go directly to the cash!” she said, looking me straight in the eye, “These don’t go on sale often.” Which of course I did. And when I saw her again later we exchanged knowing glances, and she nodded to me once again, content that I had heeded her sage advice.

Cemetery Road

2 Comments on “Raphael 14”

  1. Ross C says:

    That’s a really interesting painting of the hut through the trees.
    But why is someone who does relatively small paintings, which usually have fairly broken-up wash areas, so interested in having a brush that holds “vast amounts of wash”? Have you been having some problems with the brushes that you have been using?

    • I like to paint with big brushes. Sometimes on a larger painting I start with a 3″ flat brush. Of course I don’t use that in my Moleskine but these days, in preparation for my workshops, I am working on larger sheets of paper that require a bigger brush. And since my biggest round brush has no point left I needed a large round. One day I may even post a larger painting…

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