Canal St. Martin

Walking along the Canal St. Martin made me think more of Amsterdam than of Paris. I think the cold, grey weather had something to do with that, but it was also the little cafés and restaurants on either side of it that gave it that Dutch feeling. I painted this spread right at the spot where barges go through the final series of locks that take them down into the covered part of the canal that leads out to the Seine.

Canal St. Martin

9 Comments on “Canal St. Martin”

  1. Mary says:

    I love all the detail in the lamp post juxtaposed with the loose, free splattered leaves,
    the deciding point to “let go”!


  2. Ross C says:

    Looks good! Your rendering of foliage is getting really interesting as well.
    All those comments that I made during winter about you not coping as the weather changed, when you would have to do a full painting (ie without lots of white page for snow)… I take them all back.


  3. John Wright says:

    I’m a sucker for these double pagers…too bad it looks like April. Glad to see you’re making the best of it !


  4. carpelibrum says:

    I enjoy the extra long vertical format of your sketchbook. It is fun!


  5. is∆ says:

    That´s just your format. And the tones of greens are lovely. I got in love with your work over one of these sketches (may 17th and 24th) and I enjoy following your blog so much! Thanks, Shari!


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