Heat wave

It was a crazy day at Crane Beach in Massachusetts! By my estimation there were thousands of people enjoying the sand and the sun. How do you sketch a crowd that big? Start with the umbrellas and go from there.

Heat Wave



11 Comments on “Heat wave”

  1. Mary says:

    You’ve certainly captured the spirit of the hot crowded beach Shari, with lots of fun, colourful umbrellas jammed with lots of people! Not easy to sketch but the impression is made!
    Does the sand pose any problems or add to texture with paint? 🙂
    (just home from the Canada Day fireworks [under a full moon] in Pointe Claire)


    • Thanks Mary. The sand is not a problem if you are careful. I was sitting in a beach chair and it had a drink container on the side so I was able to put my water container in there, a bit like my cup holder in the car. The wind was more of a problem because it broke the beach umbrella, leaving me in full sun. That makes it really hard to see my paper and mix colours properly. I hate working in sun!


      • Mary says:

        Yes, this new brighter, sharper posting really makes a difference!
        I’ve learned from you that the direct sun doesn’t work when painting with watercolour. 🙂


  2. Ross C says:

    Great!!! Even with the murky colours… you obviously didn’t take my advice about packing your scanner when you travel.
    And I never thought that I would say this but… Shari, there are so many people in your painting! However, this only counts as a single people-painting toward your challenge… you can’t count this as 53, or however many people there are in it… which I can’t even estimate because the photo is so blurry!


  3. Kalynne Ludgate says:

    Just thought I would let you know how much I enjoy opening up my mail on Mondays and seeing your sketches. Armchair travels!


  4. Monique says:

    I don’t know how you did that..all those people and the feeling!


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