Motif Number 1

When I arrived in Rockport, Mass. this morning I knew I was going to sketch this scene. Little did I know that this was the ultimate artist’s subject of the New England coast. This fishing shack was built in 1884 and dubbed Motif Number 1 by the painter Lester Hornby. I hope I did it justice.

Motif Number One

12 Comments on “Motif Number 1”

  1. Mary says:

    Such a delightfully charming watercolour of the new England coast Shari.
    I love the organization of fishing shack shapes, wharf, little fishing boats
    and colours in your composition. Is there sea or land to the right of Motif Number 1?
    Foreground yellow boat leads the eye nicely to wharf! 🙂


    • Thanks Mary. Motif Number 1 is on Bradley’s wharf. To the right of it is water. Rockport is a very touristy place but I could done a lot more sketching there. Right in front of me there was a line of colorful rowboats and I was tempted to do that but I had to paint motif number one first.


  2. Jane Hannah says:

    Truly outstanding Shari — it represents the region so well. I love your sky and the sea as they seem to reflect upon each other… Without over doing it 😉


  3. John Wright says:

    I guess ‘ your eye doesn’t lie’ Shari. Good choice, great sketch.


  4. Leslie Haworth says:

    Beautiful work Shari — I have been there many times — short trip from Rhode Island


  5. Heidi says:

    I certainly think you did it justice.


  6. Jim Strocchia says:

    Have you made copies of Motif Number 1 for sale? My wife and I visit Rockport annually and we agree that you have captured the essence of the harbor. We would the opportunity to purchase one.


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