Today was the first time I painted on a suspension bridge, hanging over the Queechee Gorge in Vermont. Every time a truck rumbled by I was afraid all my stuff would go tumbling over the edge so I hung on tight to my brushes. It’s hard to take a photo of a vertical spread in the Moleskine so I’ll have to scan it when I get home.



8 Comments on “Suspended”

  1. Mary says:

    Shari, this is a masterpiece! It feels awesome the way the depth and breadth of a gorge would feel peering from above on a suspension bridge, no less! I love all the pattern of shapes
    and delightful colours in the reflection and on the trees and then it falls into a nice perspective
    in the hills. 🙂


    • Thanks Mary. I’m so glad you liked this. It was not really the optimum painting conditions, crouched down on the span of a bridge but I’m glad I did it. Luckily I don’t have vertigo!


  2. Linda Daily says:

    Shari,Lovely again! My husband and I were there two autumns ago and had lunch at Simon Pearce Glassblowers and I sketched a covered bridge.It was the highlight of our trip to Vermont.
    I understand they were badly damaged in floods but were rebuilding.


  3. Andy Richardson says:

    Queechee Gorge.What a beautiful place. Spent a weekend there years ago for the hotair balloon festival.Marvelous water colour.
    Thank you for the pic,


  4. Ross C says:

    You deserve a bravery medal trying this. You did well… not easy to get that perspective feel of looking down into the gorge… but obviously not a problem for you.

    So, with this new-found “extreme sports” approach to painting, I am assuming that your comment about going to the balloon festival means that you will be painting from a balloon in flight…???


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