Wheelbarrow in sun

I’ve sketched this wheelbarrow so often but never in pencil. The light was just right today.Wheelbarrow

8 Comments on “Wheelbarrow in sun”

  1. Mary says:

    I like a pencil sketch for a change Shari, expressing your subject in a solid, almost
    geometric style (like Cezanne). Interesting pattern of shapes and shadows on your wheelbarrow as well, making it a strong centre of interest, with the dark tree trunk in contrast. Nice fresh drawing!


    • Thanks Mary! Sometimes it’s good to look at things a different way. And doing a pencil drawing requires a different kind of looking than a watercolour, a much more detailed observation. I used two types of pencils for this. The finer lines are done with a B lead in a mechanical pencil from MUJI stores that I bought in New York and the big shaded areas on the tree are done with a fatter 6B lead in a “Croquis” mechanical pencil made by Pilot.


      • Mary says:

        Thank you so much for the pencil “tips” Shari. Will check to see if they have these pencils
        locally. You are really inspiring me to make a quick daily sketch (no matter how brief)
        and today was a short “blind contour” of my Boston Terrier because he kept bouncing around! 🙂 About how long did you spend on your sketch?


      • You can get the croquis pencil in Montreal Mary. I found it at Omer de Serres. I spent about 45 minutes on this drawing today. I love blind contour drawings.


  2. Mary says:

    Meant to say that i love your use of soft lead on the tree trunk, heightening the contrast
    with the harder lead elsewhere. Yes, your skills of observation can differ in a detailed drawing.


  3. Ross C says:

    Time for some catch-up commenting…
    As always, I love this often-drawn (and possibly seldom-used) subject. You do so few pencil drawings but they have been so good… we can agree to forget the cucumber. : )
    Put me down as always being happy to see an occasional pencil drawing from you.

    How large is this drawing… some of the fine line work gives the impression that it is bigger than Moleskine?


    • Thanks Ross. Ok, we can agree about the cucumber. That was a bad day.
      Glad you like wheelbarrow # 5. Or is it #6? This is done in my square Canson sketchbook and it is bigger than the moleskine. And a smoother paper too. I would never be able to achieve fine lines like these. The size is about 9 x 9 inches.


      • Ross C says:

        Hmmm… One last Fall (when you were still pretty rusty), two in the snow (with and without the spade), then one in Spring (from the roof of the house) which is my favourite… all showing the wheelbarrow leaning against the tree. It finally moved for the pen & ink sketch, and now it is back leaning against the tree… till next Spring? That’s six, but I’m not counting.
        And, I think you still need a colour version for Summer… to complete the seasons for the one-year book!


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