Too windy to kayak

Punta Cana, situated on the far eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, is the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean, or so I was told by a proud Dominican. It does look like that as well on my Lonely Planet map. That could be why the wind is so strong and the water quite rough at times. Once again, this was sketched standing on the beach and colour was added in the shade. I usually do both the painting and the drawing on the spot so this is a bit different for me and requires some visual memory for the colour. A good exercise, I think.

Too Windy to Kayak

5 Comments on “Too windy to kayak”

  1. Shari, I love the sense of movement in this you can really see the breeze.


  2. Jane Hannah says:

    I love this Shari… it really captures the weather of the day. The wind in the palm leaves gives a wonderful effect 😉


  3. gary osmond says:

    Wow! it’s like i’m right there…thanks Shari, your work is unbeleivable


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