Cable and satellite dishes have rendered these creatures obsolete but they can still be found on some old houses, hovering like big skeletons in the sky.


12 Comments on “Antenna”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari :: I must say that again this is one of my favourites. Because of the greens… so many different values and intensities and hues… very hard to do and very calming at the same time 😉

    • Thank you Jane. So glad you like it…
      I just had a comment on my personal email from a friend who said these antennas are not at all obsolete. He has a brand new one on his house. I learned something new today!

  2. rodandyvonne says:

    Shari I love your sketches! Can you tell me how you go about it? Do you pencil sketch first, then watercolour then finish with pen? Or is no pencil involved? Or do you draw with pen first and then watercolour ? They are fantastic. Thanks so much.

    • So glad you like them! I work in many different ways. When it is ink and watercolour, there is no pencil first. I boldly go in with the pen, hoping for no glaring errors. Then I add some wash on top of that. When there are no visible pen lines that means I did a pencil sketch first and you can usually see some of the pencil marks. It usually takes longer to do the watercolours (the ones with pencil) so when I have less time I use the pen. Or else when the subject has lots of lines or texture in it the pen may give an added support to the drawing.

  3. Alison says:

    Hi Shari, I love the comical character in this “portrait”. The more I try my hand at watercolour, the more I appreciate your mastery.

  4. Ross C says:

    Such an interesting little arrangement of elements in this one! But, with the antenna going over the crease in the page, is this one of those examples demonstrating the consequences of not pre-planning a composition? …or maybe just a case of Moleskine not making the right sized book for you?

    • It’s a case of me always drawing everything too big. That’s why I marvel at people who can draw a whole plaza with all the buildings in it. And probably why I find the task of drawing the Gare Jean Talon so daunting. I start to draw on the page and everything just turns out bigger than I had hoped. There must be some planning trick that is lacking in my education but I’m sure that you architects know the secret. I do try to plot big parts of the building in by making dots on my page but somehow when I start to draw it just doesn’t come out right.

      • Ross C says:

        Thanks for the detailed reply, Shari. It is always encouraging to hear that you sometimes have struggles producing these amazing works each day… nice to know you are not a watercolour machine that just churns them out.
        I questioned this one because, I have noticed that, when you use the two-page approach, you usually have a complete composition on each page (as in Windsock Panorama on 30 Aug, plus many others)… it was so different to see one of the significant subject elements straddling the crease.

  5. Stacey says:

    is this drawing for sale. I’d love be to purchase it

    Please email me at

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