Driftwood and stones

I’ve been trying something new lately — something that I tried and liked in Santo Domingo — that I find works well for me. I’ve been experimenting with standing instead of sitting while I draw. It worked really well in the market when I was doing people sketching because there’s a looseness and a freshness that I somehow can’t obtain while seated. Now that I’m home I’ve been trying it too. For this sketch (done in my Moleskine) I stood up to draw (and even to paint) and I’m happy with all the splats and backruns that I got because I wasn’t getting finicky with the details like I usually do when I am seated.


10 Comments on “Driftwood and stones”

  1. Angela T. Macleod says:

    You are so right, very loose and fresh! The cast shadows are just right!

  2. warrick says:

    I love the look of your sketches, especially the way you use colour. Do you mind saying how you get that washed effect? Pen and watercolor? The standard Moleskine?

    • Hi Warrick,
      I appreciate your comments. I work in many different ways: watercolour with pencil lines first, pen and ink, pen and wash, pencil, etc. This driftwood sketch is done in a Moleskine watercolour book, the 5 inch x 8 inch size. I did the linework first with a Micron 005 pen and then put washes on top of that. I use tube watercolours, mostly Winsor Newton, that I have in a Daniel Smith Travel palette with empty half pans that I fill. Hope that helps.

      • warrick says:

        Thanks; that’s really helpful. Just started playing around and learning (slowly!) all the time. I appreciate the reply; keep up the great drawings!

  3. refarch says:

    I am a kind of surprised about the issue, I do most drawing standing up. When sitting on the ground the perspective changes too much. And the best view is rarely from a point where I can park my car or a terrace with cool drinks is available. You always carry chairs and easels?

    • My return to sketching started in October/November so I spent six months in my car. When I am outdoors I usually sit on a bench or travel stool but never on the ground. You are right about perspective changing when you are seated. But I find it really difficult to draw straight verticals when I am standing. Are you good at that?

  4. refarch says:

    Apparently so. I suppose being an architect it comes with the territory. I often use my ring-finger to glide along the side of the sketchbook to guide my pen. But I do have problems at the bottom of the pages, where I can’t lean my little finger on the paper anymore.

  5. John Wright says:

    Great observation Shari – now that you’ve called my attenion, I think drawing while standing also loosens up my work.

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