In Chapters

I was inspired today by Bernie Feder, a friend who moved to Toronto years ago and who recently started a blog called McPortraits. Yes, it is what you think it is — iPad drawings of people he observes while having his morning coffee at McDonalds. I love how he captures the character of each person he draws with a simple yet accurate line and a limited colour palette. I stopped at Chapters after work today to research some book illustrations for a project I am working on and did my own coffee portrait at the in-store Starbucks.

At Chapters

4 Comments on “In Chapters”

  1. Valerie Cousins says:

    Wow! Really good.

    • Thanks Valerie. It was really funny because at one point the man got up and left and within moments he was replaced by a woman. But I was able to keep on drawing because she had short hair, a similar build and instead of working on an ipad she was scratching her lottery tickets which used a similar hand position. So I just kept on drawing.

  2. Ethna says:

    Shari, can I ask what grade of pencil you used for this very fine drawing?

    • It is a mechanical pencil with a B lead. The one I have is from Muji, a Japanese store with a little shop in the museum in New York. I love this pencil because the grip is really nice but you can use any mechanical pencil.

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