Last summer I tried a Derwent Inktense pencil for a small sketch that I was doing in a workshop. I loved the inky black that I could obtain with it, but the pencil I tried was borrowed and I haven’t been able to find it until today. This was done in my watercolour Moleskine with the water-soluble Inktense in Charcoal grey and also a water-soluble graphite pencil in some of the lighter areas. Still loving how dark you can get with this when you add water.

This coming Sunday, October 28, is the monthly outing for Urban Sketchers Montreal. We’re going to be trying something new this month: a sketchcrawl on avenue Mont-Royal (because the weather is looking kind of cold and possibly rainy). The plan is to meet at the Mont-Royal metro station (upstairs, not on the platform) at 10 am.  We’ll spread out a bit, sketching indoor or out, going in and out of shops and cafés to sketch, and then meet at the end to have a look at everyone’s sketches and warm up somewhere. Mont-Royal is a really interesting street with lots of unusual shops on either side and a great view of the mountain. Everyone is welcome to join us for a day of sketching and meeting new people. If you are interested in adding your name to the mailing list for this or future events please email me at sblaukopf (at) gmail (dot) com.


6 Comments on “Barista”

  1. Ross C says:

    Now you are doing pencil sketches in your watercolour Moleskine and watercolour paintings in your sketching Moleskine. You are one confused artist, Shari… or maybe you are just a rebel and a rule-breaker?
    I like the sketch… great values. I bought some of those pencils 20 years ago…still unused… I am good at that.

    • I am definitely not a rebel or a rule-breaker but I do have a weakness for art supply stores, new pencils and different types of sketchbooks. You have to try these pencils — they are so nice. Do you have plain watercolour pencils or these Inktense ones?

      • Ross C says:

        You are right… you do have to try new things but, with me, the problem is that I am good at “buying” but not “trying”. I am pretty sure that I have just the soluble graphite ones… I will look for the Inktense ones… I really need to have some more art materials that I don’t use. : )

      • I bought one of those Koi water brushes to use with this because I don’t want to get the black ink on my good sable brushes. It just dispenses clear water and the nylon bristles are pretty good. So add that to your list of things you won’t use.

      • Ross C says:

        Yes sir, Mrs B… I will do that right now. That will all go really well with the Moleskine watercolour book that I bought last December (after I started following your blog) but which still hasn’t been used.

      • I think they will enjoy sitting together in a drawer : )

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