Indian Summer

Indian Summer is a heat wave that occurs in the autumn, or so says Wikipedia. The weatherman on my local radio station says that for it to be a real Indian Summer we have to have three days in a row of hot weather. The other defining quality of these type of autumn days is a haze that seems to soften and mute all the colours. Well I think there may be a storm coming my way tomorrow but I know that today is Indian Summer for me, and for all the people who were out along the canal in Lachine — riding bikes, walking dogs, catching some rays and having lunch on terraces. I sketched this from Parc René-Lévesque looking across the canal at Église Saints-Anges Gardiens and the domes of College Sainte-Anne.

Indian Summer

4 Comments on “Indian Summer”

  1. captelaine says:

    Very eye catching sketch… Indian Summer… hurricane Sandy is going to usher in some cool weather here… I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Ruth says:

    The grey buildings are wonderful, as are all your architectural drawings. The different shade of yellow folliage, and the blue in sky and water absolutely reflects Indian Summer for me. As well,
    it brings back much nostalgia, as the Lachine Canal was my very favorite biking area. Bravo…
    Shari for creating this mood!

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