Montreal sketchers on Mont-Royal

Mont Royal is a hill in the middle of the island of Montreal, but Montrealers call it “the mountain”. We go for picnics on the mountain, we have scenic lookouts on the mountain and we have a big greenspace on the mountain designed by Frederic Law Olmstead. And we love our “mountain” because when we have been away, we always know we are close to home when we see its distinctive shape as we approach the city.

We also have a street called Mont-Royal that faces the “mountain” and that was the destination for the second outing of Urban Sketchers Montreal. Marc Holmes and I were pretty happy to have 15 people turn out on this cold morning — a few who even came from Ontario for the event! Some of the people knew each other from a Sketchcrawl group so it was great that we found each other. We sketched the Victorian houses and the back alleys up and down the avenue, stopping to warm up in cafés at lunch and at the end of the day. Seems to me that USK Montreal is going to keep on growing.

Mont Royal


8 Comments on “Montreal sketchers on Mont-Royal”

  1. Sorry to miss it, I bet it was a great day! Will try and catch yu next time out… Love your blog and your work.


  2. captelaine says:

    What a handsome happy group you have… love your sketch of the Mountain.


  3. marctaro says:

    I really like that “widescreen” format. I wish I’d done that view! next time 🙂


  4. Linda Daily says:

    Love this sketch and I have enjoyed your depictions of fall trees.Hard to do without being”schmaltzy”,if you know what I mean. Portland Sketchers turned out in force yesterday to sketch with Pete Scully,from Davis,Ca. I am glad you have a good group too.


    • HI Linda. It is hard to do the fall trees but I have been trying to stick to yellows. It’s when you go into the oranges and reds that it gets really garish. I am so glad to hear that you had a good turnout. I will look for the sketches.


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