A room of one’s own

For the last year I have been using my car and the kitchen counter as my studio but thanks to a little bit of juggling in my house I now have a studio to work in, and that makes me pretty happy. I also have an amazing drafting table to use, with a two-inch thick wood top and a surface that is almost six feet wide. Plenty of room on there to paint — even full sheets if I choose — and place to leave my work-in-progress. This sketch of the balcony on avenue Mont-Royal was done on location but I added the finishing touches at home, just to try out the new space.

Upper Balcony

11 Comments on “A room of one’s own”

  1. Ross C says:

    I hope you didn’t kick someone out of your home just so that you could have space for a studio… and what is this indoor studio business anyway? I thought that you Urban Sketchers were a hardy bunch who used the outside world as a studio? You aren’t getting soft are you? : )
    Besides all that, the sketch is really good… as was yesterday’s. But, what were the “finishing touches” that you added at home?

    • I would never kick anyone out of my home Ross : )
      The indoor studio business is for when I want to do other projects like work on paintings that are not under the “Urban Sketching” banner. It is pretty hard to do larger format work outdoors or, even worse, in my car.
      Glad you like the sketches. I did this one while we were eating lunch yesterday so I never really got to finish it. All I did at home was darken a bit under the dormer windows and add a few more rectangles to indicate the stone on the facade.
      I finished yesterday’s sketch on site.

  2. Mary says:

    Well Shari, it’s about time you had a studio which you can call a room of your own 🙂
    And to think you’ve been creating all those mini masterpieces on the kitchen table and in your
    car. Nobody deserves a studio more than you and now you don’t have to worry about cleanup
    right away and you can work in large format!

  3. Kathleen says:

    What a great gift you’ve given yourself! You’ve done some extraordinary work under less than ideal conditions… Just think about what you’ll do with a “room of your own”!

  4. drawandshoot says:

    Beautiful! Love the movement of the birds.

  5. helmut langeder says:

    Shari. I love starting my week looking at your sketches and reading your stories. Your drawing skills are amazing. Accurate, yet loose and with the minimum of detail to express what you want. Less is more. Your colors are rich (not straight out of the tube) and without overworking.
    Fresh is the word. You’re an inspiration to many artists!

  6. fanny pascual says:

    thanks for sharing so personal experiences like, paper , tables, material, ambiance for work,things that are so important and intimate for an artist..”the dream of the studio”…

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