Looking down Pontiac

When it’s really cold out (and you are not in your car) you have to work FAST, before your fingers freeze. I have tried drawing with gloves on but that just doesn’t work for me (although I have yet to try the ones with the finger tips cut off). The view down rue Pontiac, in the Plateau Mont-Royal district, is full of great shapes and colours but I was sitting on some cold concrete steps so I did this pretty quickly and then made a beeline for a warm café.

On Pontiac

6 Comments on “Looking down Pontiac”

  1. Ross C says:

    Nice elevated sketch!
    Now, the reason for my comment was really to ask how Montreal fared with Hurricane Sandy? We have been seeing some pretty horrific images coming through of eastern US. How is Canada going?

    • Thanks for asking Ross. It was very bad in New York City and other parts of the US but we were fine here in Montreal. Lots of wind last night but hardly any rain and not many power outages either. It seems it may have been worse in Ontario than Quebec.

  2. freekhand says:

    What did you told me about making nondescript buildings interesting? 🙂

  3. sketchysteven says:

    Luvin’ this sketch!

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