Distant bridge

I picked Dorval as my sketching spot today because I am giving a little talk and demo tonight to the members of the Dorval Artists’ Association. With temperatures at just about freezing I managed to stand outside to do this — holding my sketchbook  and using a park bench as my work surface. I realize that this may be stretching the outdoor season somewhat but when it’s this cold you tend not to overwork things as much because you just want to get back into the warm car.

Bridge View

15 Comments on “Distant bridge”

  1. Vicky Porter says:

    I love that huge, gorgeous sky, the beautiful water and the narrow band of bridge and land that divides the two. Wonderful!

  2. tmikeporter says:

    I think I see some ice crystals in those purples in the sky…

  3. John Wright says:

    You did better than I did today. I stopped to sketch, then wimped out because I would have to stand in a cold shadow!

  4. John Wright says:

    Yes, but its cramped and I can’t usually park where I would like to have the vantage point.

  5. Wayne Bissky says:

    Would you ever consider selling your work on your blog, or do you have a gallery that represents you?

  6. Simple and beautiful. I just love a nice riverside, a tiny bridge and an infinite sky. Your sketch just brought them all together.

  7. jane says:

    Man! The day that I will be able to do skies this way, I will feel accomplished — good job Shari 😉

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