November sky

This was painted as a demo for the Dorval Artists’ Association last night. Never really got around to finishing it (because I talked so much!) so I did that today in studio. I don’t usually do the drawing on site and apply the colour later but that was my method for this demo. (I brought a poor quality phone photo with me just for colour reference.)  I sketched this near the lake in Lachine, facing the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish.

November Sky

5 Comments on “November sky”

  1. Louise, Montréal says:

    Again, even in November, the light is always there!

    Toujours très inspirant Shari and thank you for what you are giving us.

  2. Ross C says:

    Great! A classic little pen and wash sketch… and I agree with Louise, I like the feeling of the light that you have captured. But all those bare branches are starting to look a bit ominous… does this mean that Winter is almost there?

    • Yes Ross. Winter is almost here. No snow yet but there’s ice on the car windshield in the mornings and they mention windchill in the weather forecasts now. That means it feels much colder than it says on the thermometer.

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