At the window

My Thursday lunchtime spot is often the Jean Talon Market because I have a longish break between classes. I often sit near the window of my favorite café so I can have a firsthand view of the action in the alley behind the market stalls, which is sometimes more exciting than the stalls themselves. This week things are really winding down in the alley, with most of the merchants moving indoors, so today I sat a bit further back and instead watched the people watching the market.

At The Window

7 Comments on “At the window”

  1. John Wright says:

    As much as I enjoy your watercolour sketches, I’m getting a kick out of your drawings this fall too Shari. I enjoy the act of drawing and have been struggling with the painting part. Your postings are encouraging me to just draw … for the fun of it.

    • Thanks John. Your drawing skills are amazing so you should draw for the fun of it too. I have really been enjoying this. I have tried so often to draw in different sketchbooks but nothing clicked until I found this one. The combination of the smooth paper and the mechanical pencil just works for me. I like this paper with the watersoluble pencils too. I stuggled last winter to find things to paint outside but now I can just stay in a café to draw and I am perfectly happy. That doesn’t mean that I will give up the painting but drawing a lot just strengthens the painting, I think.

  2. John Wright says:

    maybe they aren’t drawings…they might be value studies which will enrich your painting skills! :p

  3. Ross C says:

    These little indoor character sketches are great! I can identify with the guy in the sketch… I am having a quiet morning here, looking out the window… no sign of anyone else here yet.
    Now, I am thinking ahead for you [Oh, thank you so much Ross]… I know you don’t want to get back in that cold car, so that means that you need to start finding some coffee shops, markets or whatever, with a convenient view of the outside world, where you can set up and paint snow scenes… you just can’t go through winter without those magnificent snow scenes… or can you? And it’s good to plan ahead.

    • I will definitely be in my car for the snow scenes! Especially since they require only half the paint. But this is kind of an inbetween season. Most of the leaves are gone from the trees and there is no snow on the ground yet. Basically a gray landscape. And now that I am not afraid of drawing people anymore I think I will do more of these until the snow falls. Which could take another month.

      • Ross C says:

        Oh, that’s right… I forgot that last winter some of your unkind followers had suggested that snow scenes were really easy for you… and so economical on your paint supplies. : )
        I have to say that is hard to think of snow as I sit here at the beach… looking out across the water… wondering whether I will go out and get coffee… alone… as no one else in the house seems to want to wake up this morning.

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