The Common Loon and the Snowy Owl

It goes without saying that drawing stuffed animals allows you to get closer to them than you would in nature. And now that I have had a closer look, I don’t think there is anything common about the Common Loon. I have often watched these birds on our Quebec lakes in the summer and I have written about their haunting calls in a previous post but I have never been close enough to one to study the details of its uncommon beauty. With its black head, white striping, black collar and spotted back, it is most definitely the Audrey Hepburn of the bird world. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to be more precise.

As for the loon’s neighbour at the Redpath Museum, there wasn’t a child who didn’t exclaim “Harry Potter!” as they walked past the snowy owl.

The Loon and The Owl

12 Comments on “The Common Loon and the Snowy Owl”

  1. Martine Paquet says:

    Just love your comparaison with audrey Hepburn….Beautiful!


  2. Guy Cranston says:

    Brilliant – love the simplicity – tells you everything you need to know.


  3. Ross C says:

    Wow, what is going on over there? Suddenly you have another 60 or 70 followers and it seems that they all want to comment on your “Walkways, finished” post. And it appears that you need some suggestions on how to reply in your comments… you are getting just a little repetitive. : )


    • That’s because my post “Walkways, Finished” was selected by one of the editors of WordPress (my blog software) to be highlighted on Freshly Pressed, which is one of the WordPress homepages. So lots of new followers, likes and comments. If you have a selections of replies to offer me I would appreciate that 🙂


      • Ross C says:

        Yikes! Now there are over 400… it is getting crowded here. I don’t want to make you nervous or anything… but that is a lot of people with extremely high expectations watching your every move… you wouldn’t want to post something average now, would you? : )
        BTW, the birds are good… are there any more?


      • That doesn’t make me nervous. I don’t think about those numbers much. And yes, there’s one more day of birds. I had a lot of fun drawing them. Where is my list of stock replies? I was counting on you for creative responses.


      • Ross C says:

        What do you think this is? “”? I am working on it… be patient. : )
        And I hope you are working on some other paintings at the same time and not just letting your momentary stockpile drain away.


      • Yes, I was hoping for
        Now I have more to reply to and I am at a loss for words.


  4. Gina B. says:

    What a fine way to get close to animals! I had an opportunity recently, but not such a happy one: a partridge crashed into my large picture window, causing its own demise and such an explosion that neighbours from two houses down came running to see if I was okay. I got to admire and photograph the amazing markings on the feathers while the kind neighbours picked up the broken glass. I gave them the bird for their supper.


    • What a great story Gina! I can’t imagine that it could be that loud that neighbours would hear from that far away but I guess a partridge has never hit my window. I hope they enjoyed it for dinner.


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