The goose and the osprey

It was bird day at the Redpath Museum, at least for me. I started with the big old Canada Goose because I am beginning a project soon that involves drawing lots of geese so I thought I’d get in some practice.  The wonderful thing about this museum is that there’s something for everyone to draw. Some people in our Urban Sketchers Montreal group drew the dinosaurs and others did musical instruments. I saw sketches of leopards and monkeys and weasels and one man sketched only the eyes of all the creatures. A few of us did a bit of drawing outside in the morning but after 52 minutes (yes, we timed it!) in the frigid temperatures we congratulated ourselves on our hardiness and headed for coffee before the doors of the museum opened.

The Goose and The Osprey

12 Comments on “The goose and the osprey”

  1. Uma says:

    It was a thoroughly enjoyable USK afternoon (since I was not as brave as those of you who came out to draw outside in the morning)! True, the Redpath is a treasure trove of subjects – I could spend many more sessions drawing there, easily. Beautiful birds.. I wouldn’t have guessed that they were in a museum!


  2. Linda Daily says:

    Stunning birds!!


  3. drawandshoot says:

    Love your birds, Shari!


  4. rene fijten says:

    Love the way how you did the wings of that osprey. The way the paint dried (I guess it’s the type of paper?) makes the bird move and fly.


  5. Lee Kline says:

    I keep thinking about your encounter with the man who stood before you. Back in 1973 I was in Lebanon and sketching in a place called Baalbeck. A young guy came up to me and watched me draw. At last he spoke and asked if he could look at one of my pencils. I handed it over and ZOOOOM! he was gone in a flash! Good-bye pencil, I figured, and continued drawing. Some time later, he returned with a drawing he had made with my pencil! I gave him pencils, paper, eraser and pens. He gave me his drawing.

    Keep drawing in public,my Dear Friend. The serendipity is worth it.


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